Lighting Styles

Task Lighting

These fixtures focus light directly to the top of a client’s head.You can now correctly evaluate, color and bathe the immediate work area with the perfect balance of intensity and brilliance of light. They will allow you to see all the details of your haircuts and hair coloring while preventing eyestrain as you work. As a surgeon needs to see the area being worked on, so does the hair colorist or hair stylist. Our task light, available in track, recessed or pendant style, uses only 18 watts of power and the bulb is rated to last 50,000 hours.












Ambient Lighting

         This is the most noticeable lighting in your salon.You see it as soon as you arrive. It is the “workhorse” of your lighting. A room should have approximately 75-80% of its entire light given off by this fixture. It directs light up to the ceiling spreading an even canopy of bright light while simultaneously showering the salon with a soothing downlight. Correct use of ambient fixtures will enable you to use other fixtures for lighting your client with milder lights, preventing shadows or washed out skin tones. Our fixture uses 18 watts of power and the bulb is rated for 50,000 hours.  

Mirror Light

                                                       This fixture, made with a state-of-the-art dimmable LED, sits along side the station mirror. It is essential because it eliminates circles under the eyes while adding warmth to the skin. This is the light the client sees as they are sitting in the chair. It adds a warm glow to the skin and an overall healthy look to the complexion. The ambient and task lights are bright and cast plenty of brilliance. The mirror light will balance out the room adding a much needed warmth. In the past, this was achieved through inefficient light bulbs.This fixture uses less than 10 watts of power and is rated to last more than 25,000 hours.  

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