Shampoo and Color Bar Areas

SHAMPOO STATIONS: Task Light (track w/ext. pole and recessed with gimbal or eyeball trims) – By using the Minardi Task light over the shampoo bowls accurate color evaluation is now possible in this area of a salon.  The Minardi task light can be installed in a recessed or track style that can angle towards the shampoo bowl so that the hair and not the forehead are being illuminated.  Using the Minardi Color Perfect Lighting method of lighting the shampoo areas clients will no longer have to face the unpleasantness of having lights shine directly into the clients eyes.

COLOR PROCESSING/COLOR BAR: Task Lights for over chair (tracks styles, pendant and recessed) – Accurate color evaluation is critical in the color processing and color bar areas.  Using the Minardi task light in either a track, recessed or pendant style will greatly assist in creating a perfect color creation by reduce the need to apply product as your color applications will be done right the very first time.

  • Some of the track and recessed housings available for the Minardi lights.

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