Creating the Best Jewelry Store Display Lighting

Econo-Lite Products, the jewelry lighting division of Eco-Lite Products, attended The Smart Jewelry Show at the Navy Pier in Chicago April 13-15 displaying their energy-efficient, product-enhancing lighting for jewelry stores.

A prominent theme of the 2012 show was ‘How to Properly Light a Jewelry Store.’  Howard Gurock, Co-President of Eco-Lite Products, was asked about the right and wrong way to make use of jewelry store lighting design.

There are several ways to illuminate a jewelry store and according to Gurock, diamonds and other gems react differently to particular sources of lighting.  These distinct reactions can direct a customer’s attention to a desired area of a jewelry store or particular part of a product showcase.

Jewelry Store Lighting Expert Says to Light for Diamonds

In the interview Gurock says, “If you look for cheap deals or just assume the brightest lights are best, you’re likely to end up spending more in the long run or making your merchandise look poor.”  Instead, Gurock suggests ‘lighting for diamonds’ adding, “If you light for diamonds, everything else will survive. If you light for everything else, your diamonds will die. So light for your diamonds.”

He also notes that brighter is not better and in most cases, LED lighting will create the most scintillation in diamonds.  LED lights are also the most energy-efficient, using 40-80% less energy.

Good lights can be more expensive, but there are other areas where jewelry store owners can save.  The best way to ensure dollars are being spent wisely, according to Gurock, is to talk to someone with expertise in lighting and ask them the best ways to be effectively and efficiently light a jewelry store.

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