Minardi Color Perfect Lighting Chosen by Award Winning Salon

Each year Salon Today magazine chooses its salon of the year and its salons of distinction.  For 2010, the Angus M Salon in Beverly Hills, CA was chosen as a 2010 Salon of Distinction.  The salon is owned by Angus Mitchell, co-owner of Paul Mitchell Systems and an influential educator in the salon industry.  The salon, which was recently featured in the April 2010 issue of Salon Today , is referred to as “the cool kid on the block”.     

Helping to make the Angus M Salon “cool” is the salon lighting.  The Angus M Salon chose Minardi Color Perfect Lighting by Eco-Lite Products.  The reason Minardi Color Perfect Lighting was chosen was due to the fact that it was created specifically for the salon environment, uses very little energy, creates almost no heat, makes hair look the same inside as it does outside and is made to the exacting standards of the world renowned colorist Beth Minardi.  According to Shannon McGuire, lead designer for the noted salon architectural firm Powell Dudley Frith who designed the Angus M Salon, the Minardi lights “show the true color of what the client’s hair color would look like in natural daylight”.

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting by Eco-Lite products was honored to have been chosen as the lighting company for the high profile Angus M Salon.  According to Howard Gurock, Co-President of Eco-Lite Products, “The Angus M Salon could have chosen any company in the world for their lighting.  The fact that they chose our Minardi Color Perfect Lighting above everybody else speaks volumes about the quality of our color perfect lighting.”

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting consists of a family of different light fixtures that have been specifically designed to solve the lighting problems that have plagued salons for decades. Their energy efficient “green” lighting uses anywhere from 40 -80% less power than what is currently being used, reduces heat values, which in turn will require less cooling energy from air conditioning.

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is ideal for salon owners who want to enhance the beauty of their salon as well as for colorists and stylists who need the functionality of proper lighting to ensure consistent and accurate color results for their clients.  Every area of a salon from the stylist chairs, to the color bars, to the retail displays will benefit from their color perfect lighting. The lighting creates a bright cheerful environment that, for the first time, permits accurate color evaluation.

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