Minardi Color Perfect Lighting Debuts New LED Lights at America’s Beauty Show

April 15, 2010 – America’s Beauty Show ® held March 27-29, 2010 in Chicago once again brought together colorists, stylists, equipment and products manufacturers as well as industry dignitaries and celebrities.  New color products and styling techniques were on display in addition to all of the platform artists and live demonstrations. 

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting from Eco-Lite Products (http://www.eco-lite.com), were exhibiting at the show again and this year featured their brand new LED task light for all in attendance to see. These LED lights use specially designed LED diodes and custom made optics to deliver color perfect lighting fixture after fixture delivering precise color evaluation over the stylist and color processing chairs.  At a mere 27W, these dimmable lights do not radiate any heat which means that colorists and stylists can stand under them all day long without feeling as though they are standing under a heat lamp.  The eco-friendly nature of these lights, 50,000 hour no maintenance rating together with the reduction in heat they offer a salon, will have a dramatic impact on reducing energy monthly costs. 

The hundreds of attendees who stopped by the booth were so impressed with the new LED task lights that they couldn’t wait to get back to their salons to take some measurements and place their orders.  These amazing new LED light fixtures were so impressive that Minardi Color Perfect Lighting once again won the prestigious International Beauty Industry Innovator Award at the 2010 America’s Beauty Show ®  just as they did in 2009.    Since this salon lighting was introduced in January of 2009, salons across the country have been raving about how it has transformed their salons into color perfect establishments while greatly reducing the number of re-does.  In addition, designers are routinely asked by their clients to specify Minardi Color Perfect Lighting in their salon lighting design plans.  

It is no secret that in order to create fabulous color, you must first be able to correctly evaluate the client’s current level and tone.  According to Beth Minardi, owner of the famous Minardi Salon in NYC and one of the country’s foremost experts on hair color “NOTHING helps a colorist more than the ability to see EXACTLY what he/she is doing. Then, and ONLY THEN… can you decide precisely how to formulate color perfectly.  I simply DO NOT WORK unless I am operating under my Minardi Color Perfect Lighting.  Our new LED task light allows you to see EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING in complete comfort.”

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