Breakthrough in Salon Lights Announced by Minardi Color Perfect Lighting

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting, the salon lighting division of Eco-Lite Products, is proud to announce that they have completed development of and are now selling the industry’s first color perfect LED lights for salons.  These LED lights use specially designed LED diodes and custom made optics to deliver color perfect lighting fixture after fixture.  Precise color evaluation is now possible with these state of the art LED lights.

According to Beth Minardi owner of the famous Minardi Salon in NYC and one of the country’s foremost experts on hair color “ NOTHING helps a colorist more than the ability to see EXACTLY what he/she is doing!  In order to create fabulous color, you must first be able to correctly evaluate the client’s current level and tone.  Then, and ONLY THEN… can you decide precisely how to formulate color perfectly.  I simply DO NOT WORK unless I am operating under my Minardi Color Perfect Lighting.  Our new LED task light allows you to see EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING in complete comfort.” 

At a mere 27W, these dimmable lights do not radiate any heat which means that colorists and stylists can stand under them all day long without feeling as though they are standing under a heat lamp.  The eco-friendly nature of these lights, together with the reduction in heat they offer a salon, will have a dramatic impact on reducing energy monthly costs.  The 50,000 hour lifetime, no maintenance, rating of these lights means they will shine for years and years to come without ever having to replace them.  These new Minardi LED task lights are also mercury free and are completely recyclable, making them environmentally friendly as well.

Most LED lights on the market contain LED diodes that have large color variations from LED diode to LED diode.  This means that each light has different colors projecting from it.  This would be a disaster for accurate hair color evaluation.  The new Minardi LED task light, with its custom made LED diodes, does not have this problem as it delivers perfect consistent color time after time.

About Minardi Color Perfect Lighting

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting consists of a family of different light fixtures that have been specifically designed to solve the lighting problems that have plagued salons for decades. Their energy efficient “green” lighting uses anywhere from 40 -80% less power than what is currently being used, reduces heat values, which in turn will require less cooling energy from air conditioning.

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is ideal for salon owners who want to enhance the beauty of their salon as well as for colorists and stylists who need the functionality of proper lighting to ensure consistent and accurate color results for their clients.  Every area of a salon from the stylist chairs, to the color bars, to the retail displays will benefit from their color perfect lighting. The lighting creates a bright cheerful environment that, for the first time, permits accurate color evaluation.

More information on Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is available at

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