New Partnership Forged between Eco-Lite Salon Lighting Systems and Green Circle Salons

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting, by Eco-Lite Products, is proud to announce that they have become partners with Toronto, Canada based Green Circle Salons ( GCS is a new company whose mission is to provide green solutions to the salon and spa industry. GCS brings together some of the best brands from across the salon and spa industry as a way to offer responsible, greener choices when it comes to personal health and beauty.  GCS does this in a way that is affordable and achievable and most importantly, with impact. Their belief is that small steps to transform each salon or spa, with the help of customers and employees, over time, will make a green conversion possible and sustainable.

The GCS mission is two-fold; first they enable consumers to ask for and find smarter green choices for cultivating beauty and health. Second, they provide an affordable pathway for salons and spas to help reduce their eco-footprint and facilitate the growth of cleaner, healthier communities. The GCS directory connects consumers to the greenest salons and spas within Toronto (launching in other Canadian and US cities soon), while their featured stories, news and blog posts provide insight into green issues throughout the world of beauty. As a salon or spa owner, GCS enables you to create a more attractive and healthy work environment, and to build a competitive green business that embraces change and meets emerging consumer demands.

Eco-Lite Products co-president Jeff Gasman was instrumental in forging the relationship with GCS. “We are always eager to involve ourselves with companies who have a true and proven commitment to the environment. Green Circle Salons is one of those companies and we are proud to be a part of their very selective network of partners who are committed to making our planet a greener place to live and do business in.

Green Circle Salons sets very clear standards and believes in clear expectations, ethical business dealings, transparency, accountability, inclusiveness and open communications. Fairness, honesty and integrity are their compass when choosing partners. Shane Price, President of Green Circle Salons, sought to have Minardi Color Perfect Lighting partner with his company. “We thank Minardi Color Perfect Lighting by Eco-Lite Products, and in particular Jeff Gasman, the president of Eco-Lite Products, for offering Green Circle Salons the opportunity to implement their innovative and proven salon lighting systems here in Toronto, Canada. We are delighted to have Eco-Lite Products as our partners working together on creative solutions that help to make our communities cleaner, healthier and brighter places to live!”

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting consists of a family of different light fixtures that have been specifically designed to solve the lighting problems that have plagued salons for decades. Their energy efficient “green” lighting uses anywhere from 40 -80% less power than what is currently being used, reduces heat values, which in turn will require less cooling energy from air conditioning.

Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is ideal for salon owners who want to enhance the beauty of their salon as well as for colorists and stylists who need the functionality of proper lighting to ensure consistent and accurate color results for their clients.  Every area of a salon from the stylist chairs, to the color bars, to the retail displays will benefit from their color perfect lighting. The lighting creates a bright cheerful environment that, for the first time, permits accurate color evaluation.

 More information on Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is available at

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